300 amp 12.5ft 2 piece Tig Rig

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300 amp 12.5ft 2 piece "(WP-26 Size)"

This product is a powerful and efficient tool, specifically designed for handling heavy wall pipe with ease. Its innovative design caters to the skilled freehand iron stacker, yet it remains versatile enough to also provide smooth and precise results for slick walked on caps.

***Select your torch head from the drop down box above.***

  • Rated for 300amps(DC) 
  • #2awg Flex Lead
  • Quick Connect Ready 
  • Tough Aw Flex Argon Hose
  • 100% Top Quality
  • Made For The Elite 
  • As Flexible As Possible
  • Green LC-40 Connection
  • Brass Valves Rated For(600psi)
  • Proudly Made In The USA

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